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Spilling the tea on redefining work-life balance in graduate school

Join our FREE series from January 15th to February 2nd at 3pm PT, where you'll embark on a transformative journey. Through personal stories and supportive, practical advice, we'll guide you in developing strategies not just for managing work-life balance, but also for building resilience and achieving academic success. 

I'm Giving My WHOLE Program Away!

  • Personalized Strategies for Success: Tailor-made approaches for your unique academic journey.

  • Research-Backed Techniques: Methods grounded in the latest academic studies to boost your work-life balance and productivity.

  • Interactive and Engaging Content: Diverse materials including video lectures and workshops to keep you inspired and involved.

  • Continuous Support and Guidance: Ongoing assistance through one-on-one sessions, group discussions, and online resources.

  • Real Stories, Real Impact: Learn from the experiences of others with relatable case studies and anecdotes.

Week 1: Jan 15 - Jan 19

Cultivating a Growth Mindset


Week 2: Jan 22 - Jan26

Balancing Your Well-being

Week 3: Jan 29 -Feb 2

Mastering Task Management

Don’t Forget to Join Our Community!

Being part of the Mintea Academy community is more than just access to our program. It's about connecting, growing, and thriving together.

Community Benefits:

  • A Non-Restrictive, Shame-Free Space: We neither restrict nor shame. Our ethos is about cultivating positive outcomes in a supportive and open-minded environment.

  • Shared Learning and Growth: Benefit from the shared experiences of fellow graduate students, fostering an atmosphere of collaborative learning and mutual inspiration.

  • Stay Informed and Inspired: Receive regular updates on the latest trends, research, and strategies in academia to keep you informed and motivated.

  • Transformative Experiences: Connect with others who are ready to transform their lives, gathering for a purpose that goes beyond academics and touches every aspect of your life.

See what past students have said:

"Participating in the Mintea Academy was such a blessing and a rescue. I was burning out all the time and struggling to maintain a solid and consistent productivity cycle. The course changed how I think about my work and myself and how I live my life as a graduate student. I am kinder to myself, take more time off, and am way more productive. My work is also stronger because I don't doubt myself when I am writing I just write, plan, and do my tasks. The mental pressure is much reduced and when anxiety comes I can manage it faster and more efficiently. I am in love with my life!"


Stanford University

When You Become a Resilient PhD Student, You'll...

Master the Art of Work-Life Balance

Learn to harmoniously balance your academic pursuits with personal life, leading to a more fulfilling and less stressful graduate experience

Cultivate Resilience and Confidence

Overcome challenges with a resilient mindset, navigate setbacks and maintain a positive outlook, ultimately fostering a sense of self-assurance in your academic abilities.

Establish Healthy Habits and Goals

Develop sustainable wellness practices that enhance your physical and mental health, supporting your academic success and overall well-being.

Enhance Your Academic Productivity

Gain the skills to efficiently manage and prioritize tasks, resulting in heightened productivity and the ability to achieve your academic goals with confidence.

220727 Michelle Portraits The Hangar 190332_edited.jpg

Hi! I'm Michelle,

your guide and mentor at Mintea Academy. After mastering out of my PhD program, I dedicated myself to debunking the myth of work-life balance being unattainable in graduate school. I don't believe in the necessity of sacrifice and isolation for academic success.


Witnessing the consequences of a one-track mind focused solely on academic achievements, I recognized the critical need to prioritize our health for optimal performance. Through extensive research, I've curated effective strategies to help graduate students work smarter, not harder, without neglecting their well-being.


My mission is to empower you with these methods, ensuring you thrive both in your studies and in life.

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